You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.
– Einstein


private investigation wellington michael stace 400It is a truth of life that the best way to solve a problem is to see it from a different point of view. Sometimes, this requires the confidential viewpoint of someone outside of your current circle of people or organisation.

Our Background:

For over thirty-seven years, we have provided people and organisations with a unique and creative vision. Our investigation results have surprised even the most seasoned veterans.

michael stace research and investigationOur lead investigator, Michael Stace, has been an Intelligence Analyst and Investigator for high-level clients (government, corporations, banks, and media). Most of his work was classified in nature. He worked in a think tank environment on varied subjects, including domestic terrorism, homicide, drug trafficking, money laundering, public relations (PR)/black-PR negation, and counter-espionage. In many cases, Michael was sent in as a "fixer" to prevent a PR backlash when the usual agencies could not get a result.

We specialise in metathinking future trends, problem-solving, and document forensics: analysing documents and data, contracts, policies, procedures, and laws, looking for inconsistencies and finding loopholes.

Clients include:
US Government agencies, Canadian Government agencies, the New Zealand Government and Parliament, Apple, The Walt Disney Company, XEROX, Rockwell International, private and public banks and financial institutions.

Private Investigator, License #16-029344
Additional Security Classifications:
Repossession Agent, Crowd Controller, Personal Guard, Property Guard,
Confidential Document Destruction Agent

Past Member
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We Illuminate the Source of Issues
and provide solutions that are both simple and effective

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