We are available when needed and where needed worldwide.

Multiple passports allow us the utmost discretion.
We work on a rate per day plus expenses or per contract.
Overseas engagement requires a minimum 10-day contract.
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Corporate Forensic Investigation
pre-funding/pre-buyout, merger, and fraud

Document Forensic Investigation
analysing documents and data, contracts, policies, procedures,
and laws, looking for inconsistencies and finding loopholes

Business Process, Policies and Procedures Analysis, Creation, and Revision
accurate and achievable policies and procedures
ensure repeatability and trackable responsibility

Company or Business Unit Communication Analysis
and Functional Organizational Charting
find out how your company really operates internally.
[titles on an organizational chart does not equal communication...]

Debt and Asset Recovery
tracking and recovery of unpaid contracts
(work with INTERPOL)

Risk Analysis
corporate, product, project, staff, and personal

Media Forensic Investigation
audio authentication and analysis
image and video authentication and analysis

Media and Objective Analysis
has your company or agency lost its way?

close or far we can record where you are

Missing Something?
we find things that have become lost

System and Software Security Analysis
don't let your infrastructure, website, or app become a statistic

We Illuminate the Source of Issues
and provide solutions that are both simple and effective

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